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LYB Treatments

Brazilian Lymphatic Facial 

$80 | 30 MIN

Enjoy a relaxing facial, that will help reduce fine lines, extra fluid accumulated in face and neck, and increase collagen production.  Finish treatment with 10 min. RF on face and neck.

Image by Valerie Elash

Brazilian Lymphatic Body Drainage

$160 | 75 MIN

Full body DETOX. Increase circulation, get rid of unwanted toxins and bloat. Define curves and contour your silhouette.

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Post Op Services

$150 | 75 MIN

Post surgical manual lymphatic drainage. Can book as early as 48 hours post surgery. Depending on your recovery different techniques are used. A treament plan will be assessed and compression garments are evaluated on-going until desired results are reached.

Image by Ivan Stern

New Service: Compression Calls


Book Compression Call

Are you struggling with figuring out what to wear post surgery?  Are you 4 weeks post surgery (or more) and still dealing with high grade inflammation?  Do you need guidance on post op supplies to help you along your recovery journey? Schedule a compression call for the best tips and tricks to get you feeling yourself again.

30 mins = $30


Send Payment Via Paypal

Once you schedule your compression call, please send $30.00 via paypal to LYB Contouring.

Once payment is received you will get a confirmation email with a zoom link for your specifc day and time.

If you can not make the zoom meeting please allow for at least 24 hours notice.  

No Shows will receive no reschedule and no refunds.


Meet Over Zoom

During the call we will have 30 mins to go over compression and supplies.  You will be given links to products you can purchase or be given guidance on using products you have at home.   If you need to book a follow up appointment please refer back to step 1.  

MORE Information

Brazilian Lymphatic Treatments

(*Mobile service may be available depending on location. Please email prior to booking to confirm service boundaries)

Full Body Lymphatic DrainageWood Therapy, Facial Lymphatic Drainage 

  • The Brazilian Lymphatic treatments are ideal for anyone looking to level up their health.  These treatments will detoxify your body, contour your waist and eliminate water retention and bloating.

  • Full body sessions focus on stimulating your lymphatic system, and encouraging the release of toxins from your body.  This treatment will leave you feeling light, energized and beautiful from the inside out.

  • This service is also ideal for anyone looking for maintenance Lymphatic treatments after cosmetic surgery.  **Client must be minimum 3 months post surgery. **

  • Facial Lymphatic Drainage helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes and contours the jaw line and neck.

  • Packages are available, please contact to book.

Post-Op Services

(*Mobile service may be available depending on location. Please email prior to booking to confirm service boundaries)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Ultrasound Therapy, Negative Compression, Radio Frequency, and KT Taping


  • The first 4 weeks of recovery is heavily focused on helping your body deal with inflammation and pain.  Light hand techniques, Vodder style lymphatic drainage methods are applied.  

  • 4 weeks to 12 weeks recovery I focus on sculpting your body and ensuring areas that need more focused attention are given the care needed to acheive resired results.   

  • Achieving a better range of motion after liposuction, ensuring lymphatic system is working optimally, and early signs of fibrosis are caught and treated are a few key aspects I focus on during each session.

  • Each session comes with a complimentary compression consultation. Medical grade compression supplies are available for purchase.

  • The road to recovery after surgery can be long and painful.  Post-Op Care is essential to your healing process.​

  • *It is advised to book a Post-Op Massage 24-48 hours post surgery 

  • Packages are available please email to book.  Number of sessions vary from client to client.  

Remember there is no magic secret to getting the body you want.  You need to commit to a lifestyle of eating healthy balanced meals and moving your body a minimum of twice a week. I can help you get to your body goals much faster, trust the process! XO ~ V

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